"I am writing this letter for a twofold purpose.  First, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ed Oberman and his team for the outstanding service that they provide to us, not only at tax time but, throughout the year.  Secondly, I also want to acknowledge the excellent work that each member of the team performs.  We have been dealing with Ed’s group for a few years and we could never have imagined how much easier it was going to be when we turned over the accounting operations, bookkeeping included, to Ed and his team.  This has allowed our Executive team to focus on generating more revenue vs. trying to figure out how to work in QuickBooks.

We wholeheartedly endorse the accounting services provided by the CPA firm of Ed Oberman and Associates."

Greg Morabito, CEO
Alpine Brokerage Services, LLC

"When we first started our company my good friends and family stressed the importance of finding a good accountant and financial advisor. It wasn't until 1986 that I was introduced to Ed while working for another CPA firm. When Ed left to pursue his career and subsequently his own company, we followed."

David K. Hawes, President
D.K. Hawes, Inc.
Darien, Connecticut

"If your goal was to truly make your customers feel appreciated, "mission accomplished"! As a businessman whose nature is to evaluate businesses so that I can learn how to improve my own, I would like you to know that your firm provides a general model of an extremely well run organization at all levels. You are all appreciated as well."

Larry Gerace, President
JJ Foods, Inc.
Sewell, New Jersey

"Ed consistently delivers a high level of professionalism. His services are always accurate, timely, and trustworthy."

Frank McManus, Ph.D.
Psychological Wellness Associates, LLP
Sewell, New Jersey

"It is Thanksgiving and this is the time that we should give thanks for the people who have helped to make a difference in our lives.

Four years ago, Joyce and I came to you looking for an accounting firm that was willing to help us resolve some serious bookkeeping, payroll, and business problems. Jenny Mazzola and the rest of your very capable staff set forth with some plans to resolve our situation. In about 1 month, a payroll plan was in place that to this day, works very well. By the end of the first year of engaging your firm, a bookkeeping system that worked for us was well underway with many problems resolved.

Four years later, we are a profitable company with good bookkeeping records that are understandable. We owe our gratitude to your firm for helping us make that happen.

We would like to wish everyone at The Firm of Edward M. Oberman a very happy Holiday season and we look forward to working with you for many years into the future.

Charles W. Gibson, President
C. W. Gibson, Inc.
Monroeville, New Jersey

Owning a dental practice is a multifaceted opportunity.  Having the Firm of Edward Oberman assist in organizing the business aspect of the practice allows one to focus where I was formally trained the dentistry.  Aside form the excellent accounting services that I have received, Ed Oberman’s office advises on insurance, payroll, staffing & retirement.  He helps with forecasting the future and meeting and obtaining my goals. The Firm of Edward Oberman is a valuable asset to help succeed and navigate a business in today’s financial environment.

Anthony J. Calandra, Jr., DMD
Business Owner

Ed and his staff have always been very courteous, knowledgable, and professional regarding our accounting needs. Anytime we have a question or problem, they address and solve it promptly. We highly recommend them.

Dave & Cheryl Roell
CDR Eye Associates

I have been a client for over 13 years and I have found the level of service, knowledge and professionalism to exceed all my expectations.  Mr. Oberman and his entire staff are always extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Mina Newstadt
Individual Tax Client

I’ve benefitted greatly since The Firm of Edward M. Oberman, CPA handled my tax return preparation. My refunds are higher. I evidently didn’t understand all the tax codes and laws. Working with Ed and his exceptional office staff has been very rewarding for me.

John Rubis
Individual Tax Client

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